Telenor launches Home Wireless Internet services

Telenor launches Home Wireless Internet services


Telenor has recently released a new promising 4G product in the market called Home Wireless Internet.

Telenor is not new to the broadband market as it has been offering FTTH services for some time now.

The new Internet wireless service is a welcome addition to Telenor broadband portfolio as it offers a plug and play solution for customers that do not want to wait or for those which are located in areas where Telenor Fiber is not available.

Telenor Home Wireless relies on the same 4G network used by Telenor mobile subscribers.

To prevent any down-sell on its data revenue, Telenor Home Wireless Internet is locked to the customer location which prevent the customer from roaming around with the wireless box.

Price-wise, Telenor offers the wireless kit for 75,000Ks with 3 months Internet at 5mbps. After 3 months, the price is 30,000 Ks for 3mbps and 45,000 Ks for 5 mbps.

Telenor Home Wireless Broadband Plans Myanmar Yangon 4G ananda

Plans are said to be unlimited but subject to fair usage policy to prevent any abuse.

Bad timing for Ananda

It is hard to believe in a coincidence but Telenor launches its wireless broadband service just a few weeks after Ananda launch.

That is definitely bad news for the new ISP in Myanmar which is experiencing a lot of performance issues along with a wave of negative comments.

In the other hand, mobile data networks in Myanmar have never been so fast. Opensignal recently released a report ranking Yangon as the #4 fastest 4G city in East Asia above Tokyo and Hong Kong. 4G download speeds in Yangon is said to be above 25 mbps.

It is interesting to see if Ooredoo, MPT or Mytel will follow Telenor tracks and launch a similar product in the market. The mobile operators have all launched broadband in Myanmar but mainly focus on FTTH as of now.

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