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Why Myanmar companies should embrace a multi-cloud strategy

Since the telecom liberalization in Myanmar, the country has gone through a digital revolution. Myanmar people are adopting new technologies at a rapid pace. More than 90% of the population owns a smartphone, 40% of the population uses the Internet. It all started with Facebook. Back in the early days, Yangon was full of some…

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5 Reasons to Use a Password Manager

Guest Post courtesy of #TurnOnVPN #TurnOnVPN is a cybersecurity advocacy group focusing on a free and unimpeded internet for all. We take part in numerous online events, aimed at promoting a safe, secure, and censor-free Internet. Most people have more online accounts than we can remember. Often, you have to create a new account for…

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State of the Mobile Internet in Myanmar – Oct 20

Super Internet growth and healthy competition for Myanmar According to the last GSMA report, Myanmar is among the top 4 countries with the fastest growth in Internet penetration over the past 5 years. The country’s internet penetration jumped from 10% to 40% in 5 years! A few days ago, OpenSignal released its quarterly report regarding…

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Internet Service Providers in Myanmar – Promotions

COVID-19 has changed the face of the planet, setting up new rules, new habits and it is unlikely that a return to normal will happen anytime soon. As people are slowly transiting to remote work and limiting their commute, it becomes all the more crucial to own a strong reliable home broadband connection to keep…

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ProtonVPN, the best VPN to protect your online privacy

Myanmar’s internet freedom is in free fall in 2020. Freedomhouse, a non-profit organization that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights degraded the score of Myanmar to 31/100 in 2020. The year 2020 has been terrible for information freedom in Myanmar. Internet shutdown in the Rakhine and Chin States, the arbitrary…

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Examining the Impact of Myanmar’s Proposed Smart City on Privacy

Guest Post courtesy of #TurnOnVPN #TurnOnVPN is a cybersecurity advocacy group focusing on a free and unimpeded internet for all. We take part in numerous online events, aimed at promoting a safe, secure, and censor-free Internet. Recording an average growth of 6.8% for the past 5 years, Myanmar is among the world’s fastest-growing economies. Myanmar’s…

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Our Story

Internet in Myanmar offers its visitors a unique outlook into the Myanmar technology, media, and telecommunication market. From in-depth analyses of the country’s digital infrastructure, broadband comparison tables to more casual news on mobile phone availability, we cover a wide spectrum of information.

Internet in Myanmar expertise comes from decades of experience in the technology sector and years of experience on Laos ground building and operating wired and wireless service provider networks, data centers, and cloud infrastructure.

Recently, we also opened a new section related to travel. This new category aims to support the tourism industry in Myanmar that was massively impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

A visit to Bogyoke Market, Yangon

Bogyoke Market is one of the great markets in Yangon. It was regarded with an excellent reputation for shopping, taking amazing pictures, and even window shopping to grab the unforgettable memories there. As soon as we hear the name Bogyoke Market, we can imagine the gorgeous market with the rare gems, beautiful incredible jewelry, and…

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7 Best Day Trips From Yangon

Yangon, the economic capital of Myanmar, is home to nearly 7 million people. With its hot weather and intense traffic, people try to escape the big city as much as they can! Here are our 7 most recommended day trips out of Yangon.  1. Moe Yun Gyi Wetlands Resort We are going north of Yangon,…

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Top 5 Hotels in Inle

Inle Lake is the second-largest lake in Myanmar and a destination favorite for tourists. Visitors who stay in Yangon can take an overnight train or flight to Inle Lake to marvel at the natural wonder. Spend a couple of days at Inle Lake to enjoy the lake activities, explore the local culture, and get a…

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Top 5 Hotels in Bagan

Bagan is a legendary city and a must-visit destination when you travel to Myanmar. You can find the perfect accommodations whether you’re looking for a luxury stay or a more budget-friendly room. Many of the top Bagan hotels create a unique experience for guests that you’ll only find in Bagan. Check out the top Bagan…

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