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2017: The year of 4G

On October 20th, Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD) will announce the winners of the 2600 MHz 4G spectrum bid. But what does that mean? Is this precursory of important changes for the Internet market to… Read More »2017: The year of 4G

Mobile Internet Plans Myanmar MPT Ooredoo Telenor

Mobile Internet Plans in Myanmar – October 2016

EDIT: 29/10/2016 It looks like Ooredoo does not judge necessary to update its promotions on its corporate website. After a visit to Ooredoo shop, we realized it does have an ongoing promotion for Internet and the following post has been updated with this new information.

For this first benchmark, we compared the mobile Internet plans of the three operators: Ooredoo, Telenor and MPT.

All the operators operate a 3G network. Telenor and Ooredoo launched 4G in 2016 but the technology is only partially available.
Telenor 4G service is available in Naypyidaw whereas Ooredoo 4G is available in Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw and Bagan.
MPT has just launched 4G LTE in specific locations in Yangon in October this year.

This price comparison takes into account the respective promotions of the operators. The three operators are basically aligned, proposing the same Internet plans and the same promotion (data volume is doubled on each monthly plan).

mobile operators Internet Plans Myanmar ooredoo mpt telenor

Mobile Operators Internet Plans Comparison

mobile operators Internet Plans Myanmar ooredoo mpt telenor

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