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Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar – July 2017

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On this third quarter of the year, it is time to refresh our residential broadband comparison table.

The market is still very dynamic and our table keeps getting bigger and bigger.

New comer from the past quarter, Myanmar Speednet launched service in downtown Yangon. Our recent review highlighted the fact that the installation fees were quite high and would limit the customer intake. Myanmar Speednet rapidly reacted and dropped the price on installation fees. The new offer is definitely attractive and would certainly represent a good alternative to MyanmarNet downtown.

Last quarter, Yatanarpon Teleport went through a complete face lift and took this opportunity to refresh its price-plan. In the comparison table, YTP is now one of the most cost-effective solution for fiber to the home.

Wireless Internet service providers True Net and Net Core have been very active recently on the social networks advertising aggressive promotions.

In one hand, True Net is the first ISP to waive completely the installation fees for home users!

The table below does not reflect the entirety of True Net pricing as it is quite exhaustive. The WISP offers unlimited plans for residential and for corporate customers, volume based plans for home users and has a specific pricing for a range of condominiums in town. All the latest prices and promotions can be found on its Facebook page. The ISP also claims to cover 80% of Yangon Area and 50% of Mandalay.

In the other hand, Netcore becomes the cheapest ISP in the market with a new price point of 30,000Ks per month for 2mbps. But the offer is limited to 1km radius around the wireless towers. For the residential customers out of this radius, the old price of 60,000Ks for 1mbps applies.

MyanmarNet has not changed its priceplan for once! But the leading ISP continues to deploy massively in Yangon expanding its coverage with its unique Wi-Fi hotspot system.

Myanmar GT Broadband aka WeLink is also expanding its footprint rapidly and claim 5 days installation time on the green zones (cf. map below) which is quite impressive for fiber.

Welink Coverage Yangon Fiber FTTX Internet Residential

WeLink Coverage – July 2017

Finally, the comparison table:

broadband home yangon myanmar wifi fiber lte residential

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