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MPT launches new broadband promotion

FTTH MPT 4G Mobile Data Myanmar

During the summer 2017, MPT surprised everyone by releasing a killer offer into the broadband market. MPT was at that time competing with Telenor for the cheapest FTTH plan in the market. The megabit was sold as low as 10,900Ks which made precedence and definitely trigger a new wave of price erosion on the Myanmar market.

Only problem with MPT deal, it was limited to one unique township in Yangon: Pabedan.

Since then, MPT has significantly expanded its coverage in Yangon (list of townships is there) and conquered 6 additional cities: Mandalay, Bago, Mawlamyine, Monywa, Taunggyi and Pathein.

But competition is fierce and the public operator needs to keep one step ahead to continue acquiring and retaining subscribers. The natural evolution for a broadband provider is always the same: dual, triple and finally quadruple play.

In telecommunications, dual, triple or quad play are marketing terms that describe a bundle that combines broadband Internet access, television, telephone and wireless service. By bundling the service, the telecom provider not only provides a unique value proposition but also improves its margins.

It is not quadruple play yet, it is dual play

This is already good enough. On each of its FTTH and ADSL plans, MPT offers a unique addition of 1 to 3 mobile plans that include mobile data, on-net calls and on-net SMS.

FTTH MPT 4G Mobile Data Myanmar

And the good news is that you will be able to keep your existing number! Once registered, the customer is requested to provide one main number. The two other numbers can be registered by the customer directly from the main number by dialing *6767#.

Depending on the broadband plan the customer sign up for, MPT promotion grants from 1GB to 3GB mobile Internet, 100min to 200min On-net and unlimited on-net SMS each month.

When the orange crew miss the point

There is another mobile operator which is already offering such dual play offer: Mytel.

For any FTTH subscription, the orange team offers 1 VIP SIM with 5GB of mobile data and 200 minutes on-net every month.

By offering one single SIM, Mytel really missed the point.

What is the target segment for a telco selling home broadband? Quick tip: take a look at MPT banner.


What is the best way to pick up a fight in a family? Throw one single freebie in the middle of the living room.

In the other hand, throw 3 SIMs and you create a community! Spot on for MPT.


2 thoughts on “MPT launches new broadband promotion”

  1. we are waiting for MPT unlimited broadband arrival to Dala township.
    why take such long?
    Don’t make the patron-to-be upset
    come fast asap

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