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Telenor Myanmar offers music streaming with Joox

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To celebrate Myanmar New Year, Telenor update its entertainment packs with the new music streaming service Joox.

Telenor video packs were launched a bit more than one year ago. As we mentioned in our article at that time, the offer was originally limited to Youtube and Pyone Play. Since then, the Norwegian operator also integrate the Asian streaming service iflix into its portfolio.

Iflix was launched in Myanmar one year ago and since then has developed valuable partnership with the three operators.

Ooredoo was the first mobile operator to release a content based offer in partnership with iflix. The Qatar-based operator offers monthly iflix packs that come in three flavors: from Ks 999 for 790MB to Ks 2,949 for 2,340MB.

Ooredoo is also subsidizing 6 months of iflix for new and existing subscribers. After six months, subscribers can continue to watch iflix at preferred rate and pay directly for the service via Ooredoo phone bills. The rates are below:

  • Ks 2,000 for a monthly subscription (1 month validity)
  • Ks 5,500 for a quarterly subscription (3 months validity)
  • Ks 22,000 for a yearly subscription (12 months validity)

Ooredoo is so far the first and only operator to provide direct carrier billing with iflix.

Earlier this month, MPT launched a new promotion sponsoring up to 12 months of iflix for every new and existing MPT subscribers. The offer is available between 9th Apr 2018 and 7th July 2018.

Subsidizing iflix, smart or dumb move?

You may be wondering why mobile operators sponsor so heavily iflix. The reason is simple and is called seeding. Seeding is the process of allocating marketing to specific customers, or groups of customers, in order to stimulate the internal dynamics of the market, and enhance the diffusion process.” Wikipedia

Even if the access to the platform is made free, data charges still apply. And with video streaming, it can become rapidly out of control.

If we take a look at Telenor marketing, 300MB should gives enough data to watch 45mn of video streaming. Based on the price of the product, a minute of streaming will cost the subscriber Ks 10 in average.

Streaming a movie on iflix: Ks 900

When we look at the big picture, sponsoring iflix is actually a very good move for mobile operators. Internet is by essence an addiction but an addiction with many facets, some more expensive than the others. And video streaming is definitely the most data intensive application you can find on the Internet.

By offering access to content for free for a relatively long period of time, operators inseminate new habits, habits that are data intensive and therefore costly for the subscriber.

Joox gets its way into Telenor packs

Joox is a 3 year old music streaming company and direct competitor of well established music services such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. Joox which is owned by the Chinese giant Tencent is available in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand and now Myanmar.

Such as Spotify, Joox adopts a freemium business model.

Wit Joox, customers can stream most of the songs for free. For those that would like to access the complete music catalog or enjoy ads-free streaming, Joox offers a paid subscription model called VIP.

Joox VIP Myanmar Streaming Music Spotify

Every new user gets a 30 day free trial of the VIP content. After 30 days the following fee applies:

  • Daily – 120 MMK (excluding taxes)
  • Weekly – 600 MMK (excluding taxes)
  • Monthly – 2,450 MMK (excluding taxes)

Price is quite affordable compared to Spotify that charges minimum 9.99$ per month for its Premium service.

Joox is promised to success in Myanmar as unlike other music streaming services, it includes a wide catalog of Myanmar music.

As of today, the only way to buy Joox VIP service is through Google Play Store with a credit card. But there is good chance that the new music streaming service will provide soon more payment methods.

Telenor Myanmar to enable direct carrier billing for the paid contents available in Music and Video Pack.

Recently in the news, Telenor Group has announced a partnership with SLA Digital for direct carrier billing. Telenor Myanmar is said to be the first market that will benefit from this technology.

Overall, Telenor Music and Video Pack is a great product fed with valuable contents. Saying that, the unique offering of 300MB for Ks 450 may be frustrating for heavy binge-watchers.

A monthly unlimited (or nearly unlimited) pack would have been a great offer to really enjoy streaming on Telenor network.

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