How to use Spotify in Myanmar?

Spotify Myanmar
Spotify Myanmar

Spotify is a Swedish music and video streaming service with more than 100M active users across the world. Its music library is huge, more than 30M songs are accessible from the application.

The service is available for your desktop, your iPhone, your Android phone and much more.

Unfortunately, Spotify is not available in Myanmar yet. Still, we will show you a few workaround to enjoy this incredible music library inside the country.

Enjoy Spotify on your Windows desktop or laptop

If you go to, you get this annoying message:

Spotify not available in Myanmar message
Spotify is not available in Myanmar

So the first thing we need to do is to pretend we are not browsing from Myanmar but from another country. The list of countries where Spotify is available can be found here. We will pretend to browse from the United States.

To do this, you need a VPN. No worries, this is not complicated and you will get there in a few clicks.

I highly recommend Hola VPN which is available as a Chrome or Firefox extension. I recommend Hola VPN because it is fast and user friendly.

So download and activate the extension and look for this small icon on the right top of your browser:

Hola VPN Spotify Internet Bypass Myanmar

Click on this icon, click on the big power button and pick the United States flag, Hola VPN icon should turn like this:

 Spotify Hola VPN Bypass Myanmar

Refresh (F5)

spotify available country myanmar

Great ! Then click on “Get Spotify Free”…

Sign-up with your email address:

Spotify signup form Myanmar Internet Bypass
Spotify signup form

When you click on register, Spotify installer is automatically downloaded to your computer.

Launch the installer and go through the installation process. Then, launch Spotify and use the credentials that you input during the installation process.

You are all set now !

Enjoy Spotify on your Android smartphone

First, once again we need to download a VPN software. Hola VPN can be easily found on Google Play Store.

This VPN software once activated will tunnel your traffic through an endpoint in a different country. Spotify will think you are located in this country and let you download the app.

Note that the VPN application can be enabled and disabled with a simple tap. You don’t have to enable it all the time. Just do it when you need to download an app not available in Myanmar. You can also use it to enjoy Hulu in Myanmar for instance.

So download Hola from the Play Store.

Then open it.

Choose the country you want to browse from (United States for instance)

Then tap on your usual browser application (Chrome for example):

Internet Myanmar Item not available country Play Store Google Spotify Hulu
Select Google Play Store
Hola VPN Chrome Spotify
Launch your browser with Hola VPN

Hola VPN will connect and launch your browser. Then input “” in the url bar and download Spotify APK. Install the APK but do not launch it.

Open Hola VPN again and launch Spotify from the interface. Input your credentials and login!

You can now enjoy endless hours of music on your phone!

Note that you do not need to keep Hola VPN activated while you are listening to music. You can totally shut it down for now.

From time to time, Spotify may ask you to login again. Just open Hola VPN and login to Spotify via the VPN and you are done for a few weeks.



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