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Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar – October 2016

Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar – October 2016
For our first benchmark, we have compared the residential Internet plans of ten Internet service providers in Myanmar. Volume-based Internet plans are not included in this benchmark and will be reviewed separately.
Internet service providers participating to this price benchmark are:

  • RedLink
  • Yatanarpon Teleport
  • Fortune Broadband
  • Elite
  • MPT
  • True Net
  • Bluewave Networks
  • AGB
  • Netcore
  • MyanmarNet

Redlink, Yatanarpon, Fortune and Elite share the same Internet plans and has been grouped in one single column. It is not clear why they decided to align their prices but they are more likely sharing the same infrastructure at least for FTTH.

Some of the ISP in the list also charge annual fee (which is a complete non sense). To ease the comparison, the annual fee has been spread over 12 months and added up to the monthly recurring cost.

Technology-wise, Internet Service Providers in Myanmar operate mainly Fiber (FTTH or FTTB) and WiFi 5Ghz. None of the ISP above currently own spectrum which prevent them from operating Wimax or 4G LTE.
Exception made for RedLink which operate Wimax but has been asked by the Myanmar government to return its current spectrum for auction (as mentioned in a previous post MTC published the list of qualified bidder for LTE spectrum).

MyanmarNet presents the particularity of providing Internet via WiFi hotspot. This explains why MyanmarNet setup fee is so low compared to other ISPs. Question remains on the performance and stability of such a setup.
MyanmarNet coverage is currently limited to Yangon downtown but they are expanding to other townships. ISP coverage will be the topic of a new article when enough information would have been gathered on this matter.

Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar October 2016 Yatanarpon Truenet Redlink Netcore bluewave mpt agb myanmarnet frontiir

Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar – October 2016

MyanmarNet is definitely the cheapest Internet plan in Myanmar. However the technology choice seems questionable.
Fiber (FTTH) broadband plans in Myanmar remains expensive overall.
On Wifi, Bluewave, AGB and Netcore offer very similar price, Bluewave providing the lowest setup fee would be more likely the preferred choice.

On the next post, we will have a close look at the volume-based Internet plans and compare then with the mobile 3G/4G Internet plans.

NB: This information has been collected from non-official (social networks, word to mouth) and official sources (official communication channels and mistery shopper). May some of the above information be false or incomplete, we encourage every service provider to contact us. Our objective is not to promote one Internet Service Provider against the others but to provide the most accurate and extensive source of information on the Internet market in Myanmar.

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  1. I want unlimited data plan for my house. My location is Tamu (saging). Pls let know which one is best or how can I get new connection

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