Ooredoo Myanmar 3G 4G APN Settings

Ooredoo Myanmar 3G 4G APN Settings
Ooredoo Myanmar APN Settings
You cannot use Internet on your smartphone? This is a step by step guide to configure your phone to browse Internet with a Ooredoo Myanmar SIM.

On Android : 
Tap Settings | More | Wireless & Networks | Mobile Networks, and then tap Access Point Name.
From this window, tap the plus sign [+]. You should now be able to add the information for the new APN.
On Xiaomi MIUI :
Tap Settings
Tap SIM cards & mobile networks
Tap Ooredoo
Tap Access Point Names
Tap New APN
Ooredoo Myanmar APN settings:
Name – Ooredoo Internet
APN   – internet
Proxy – not set
Port    – not set
Username – not set
Password – not set
Server – not set
MMSC – not set
MMS Proxy – not set
MMS Port – not set
MCC – 414
MNC – 05
Authentication type – CHAP or PAP
APN type – Default
APN protocol – IPv4
APN roaming protocol – IPv4
APN enable/dissable – APN enabled
Bearer – Unspecified
Promtp password – not set


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