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Mobile Internet Plans in Myanmar – November 2016

Mobile Internet Plans Myanmar MPT Ooredoo Telenor

Ooredoo recently released new data plans so we take this opportunity to update our mobile Internet plan comparison.

Price Update November 2016

A quick reminder that all the mobile operators in Myanmar operate 3G and 4G. Ooredoo has the widest 4G network as of today and covers Yangon, Nay Pi Taw, Mandalay and Bagan.

As for Telenor, don’t expect to use its 4G service except if you live or visit Nay Pi Taw.

Finally, MPT 4G network is only limited to some commercial indoor locations in Yangon and Nay Pi Taw.

This price comparison takes into account Telenor and MPT respective promotions. The two operators are proposing the same promotion: data volume doubled on each monthly plan.

Mobile Internet Myanmar Price Comparison MPT Ooredoo Telenor
Mobile Internet in Myanmar Price Comparison Nov 16

Maintaining the Status Quo

Surprisingly, Ooredoo prices are not going down but slightly up. It is not entirely true as we compare Ooredoo old promotion with Ooredoo new pricing but these promotions (same for all the operators) have been running for months.

Still this is disappointing. Ooredoo strategy is to be the digital leader in Myanmar and as such, to drive both usage and penetration. We don’t see any sign of these in this price update nor with our previous 4G performance review.

Mobile Internet in Myanmar Price Comparison
Ooredoo old vs new pricing Nov 16
The new plans are not a complete disappointment though. If we have a look at the biggest package (40GB), the price per GB is quite competitive. It could be very convenient for customers that would like to share their Internet connection via mobile tethering or using a MiFi device.

In conclusion, this new pricing is a nonevent and the price status quo is still maintained between the three mobile operators. However, we definitely see a good sign in this new 40GB package and encourage mobile operators to offer bigger data plans so that customers can consider mobile data as their home broadband connection.

In November 2016, Ooredoo also releases night data plans that we will review in a separate post.

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