Internet Service Providers overview in Myanmar

As of September 2016, this is the list of active Internet service providers in Myanmar.
  • Ooredoo Myanmar
  • Telenor Myanmar
  • Myanmar Post And Telecommunications
  • Frontiir Co. Ltd
  • Yatanarpon Teleport Company Limited
  • Global Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Kinetic Myanmar Technology
  • AGB Communication Co.Ltd
  • KBZ Gateway Company Ltd
  • Myanmar Network Company Limited
  • Fortune International Ltd.
  • Golden TMH Telecom Co. Ltd
  • NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Yangon Branch)
  • Bluewave Broadband Ltd
  • Skynet MPS
  • RedLink Communications Co., Ltd.
  • Southeastasianet Technologies Myanmar Co., Ltd
The list is pretty exhaustive. But that is not it, other companies are also reselling Internet Services in Myanmar. These companies cannot be considered as full-fledged Internet service providers and will be most likely white label resellers of one of the ISPs above.
Number of autonomous systems (AS) registered in Myanmar : 21
Number of service providers with IPv6 peering: 2 (Yatanarpon Teleport Company Limited and RedLink Communications Co., Ltd.)
Among these service providers, only 3 of them are peering with international carriers:
  • Ooredoo Myanmar
  • Telenor Myanmar
  • Myanmar Post And Telecommunications

The mobile operators are currently sole holders of an International Gateway Licence (IGW).

Their international connectivity will be detailed later in this blog.
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    Pretty good blog you have here….just curious, how much is the cost of IP transit in myanmar?

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