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How to watch Pyone Play outside of Myanmar?

Pyone Play outside of Myanmar

Do you know Pyone Play? Everybody knows Pyone Play. This is one of the most popular streaming platform in Myanmar. The service launched in 2016 has seen a growing popularity in Myanmar as Internet become more and more mainstream.

You can get Pyone Play App for Android directly from the Play Store. You can also download Pyone Play apk on

Pyone Play was developed by Forever Group. The media company owns a significant market share in Myanmar through its popular channels MRTV4 and Channel 7. Pyone Play allows TV addicts to stream these channels in live on the Internet but also to catch up with their favorite shows such as The Voice or Masterchef Myanmar.

Thanks to today’s 4G speeds, watching TV shows online is a smooth and hassle free experience in Myanmar.

Unfortunately, the large Myanmar diaspora cannot benefit directly from the service which is only available from Myanmar itself. This could be frustrating for those who work abroad and feel a bit nostalgic of the home country. How great could it be to watch your favorite Myanmar shows and feel just like home?

Luckily for you, there is a solution! Follow our lead and you will be soon catching up with your favorite local TV shows.

There is no such thing as a Myanmar VPN

Those who are familiar with geo-blocking contents know it is usually possible to bypass the protection by using a VPN client.

There are many VPNs in the market, some are free, but we will definitely not recommend them. The others work on a freemium model and allow users to benefit from the service for free for limited time and / or volume, limitation that could be lifted if you decide to go for a monthly subscription.

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, none of the existing commercial VPN solutions in the market offer a VPN connection from Myanmar. Therefore, using a VPN to watch Pyone Play is not going to work.

If you cannot use a VPN, the only other option to bypass geo-blocking is called Internet Proxy.

In computer networks, a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity.


Using a proxy can be a bit burdensome as you need to manually configure it into your browser but it exists some extensions for Chrome and Firefox that could make the whole process quite easy and straight forward.

The first thing you need to do to watch Pyone Play from overseas is to find a list of available proxies in Myanmar.

For this you can use a website like proxynova:

This will give you a list of proxy servers located in Myanmar with their speed and availability.

Note that some of these proxies may disappear or go down over time, so our recommendation would be to bookmark this web page and regularly update your list of proxies for a smooth user experience.

Now that you have a list of proxies, download this Chrome Extension.

  1. Open the extension and go to Manual Proxy tab.
  2. Here you can create as many proxies as you like. We suggest you to create three proxies so you can switch quickly from one to the other and select the proxy with the best quality at this moment in time.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the technical complexity of the tab, it is actually super simple.

  • Profile: Enter a name for your proxy. Ex: Pyone Play Proxy 1
  • HTTP Proxy: Copy paste the IP found on the website proxynova
  • Port: Copy paste the port found on the website proxynova
  • Server Type: Set HTTPS unless it says otherwise on your proxy list
  • Save by ticking the box

That is it.

The proxy icon should turn red if you are connected. You can then browse to and you should be able to access both live and catch up TV shows.

If you find the connection slow, switch the proxy, it will take some adjustments to find a good and reliable proxy. Keep in mind this is not a perfect solution but mostly a workaround.

When you are done watching Pyone Play, do not forget to open the proxy tab and switch to direct, the extension icon should turn to grey and you will now be using a direct connection.

Find the best Internet Proxies in Myanmar

If you are interested to scavenge proxy servers yourself, you can use this very useful tool:

Proxy Scanner

With this tool, you can scan complete IP address ranges and find open proxies.

To find Myanmar IP subnet ranges, you can simply visit Hurricane Electric website.

It will give you the list of every network registered in Myanmar. You can simply pick networks from the major telecom operators in Myanmar and scan them. If you get lucky, you will find a few open proxies that you can use to update your proxy list and start browsing as if you were living in Myanmar.

From a legal standpoint, keep in mind that this practice is definitely a grey area.

First of all, using proxies and VPNs is forbidden in some countries so please refer to your local law.

It can be also debatable that browsing through open proxies is wrong. These proxies are usually servers from enterprises or telecom providers in Myanmar which serve other purpose.

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