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Yangon WiFi Map in your pocket

Yangon Wifi Broadband Myanmar Hotspot Detect Password

Over the past few years, Wi-Fi networks have been flourishing in Yangon. It is hard to find a spot in the city without a few Wi-Fi SSID’s available. Unfortunately, most of them are secured. Which does not mean you cannot access them with the right app!

100 millions hotspots all over the world

WiFi Map is an Android and IOS app that detect your location and identify the WiFi hotspots nearby. The app claims over 100 millions Wi-Fi networks all over the world. The application is based on a freemium model which means that it is free to use but features are limited and ads are a bit overwhelming. Still, the free version is sufficient to enjoy free Internet all around Yangon.

But that is not it, WiFi Map is also a crowdsourced application. That means that the service is updated by the users for the users. If you discover a new Wi-Fi network and happen to know the password, you have the possibility to input it in the app so that everyone can enjoy it. Everytime you register a new Wi-Fi, you earn points. Once you reach 2000 points, you get the possibility to turn-off these annoying ads.

Free Wifi Map Yangon Myanmar Internet Restaurant
Users that register new Wi-Fi and update passwords are rewarded with points

Thanks to the support of millions of users, the database is huge and updated in real time. It is amazing to see how many hotspots are referenced for Yangon itself.

Free Wifi Map Yangon Myanmar Internet Restaurant
WiFi Map is crowded with free Wi-Fi in Yangon

We have tested the app and the result is definitely impressive. Yangon WiFi map is crowded with Wi-Fi networks, most of them are updated with the right password to connect. Some of the passwords are expired or not accurate but overall our tests have come up very positively.

Free Wifi Map Yangon Myanmar Internet Restaurant
Zooming on the map will let you to select a Wi-Fi hotspot and find the password

Not available in Myanmar?

If you try to search for the app directly on the Play Store, you may face difficulties to find it as it looks like the app is not available in Myanmar. Even if there are dozens of similar apps, we do not recommend to use any clone that would be less updated.

To bypass the country restriction, you can download directly the app from Internet in Myanmar website using this link. The app is extremely easy to use and you will be ready to roam from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi in no time!

More details about WiFi Map on the official website

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