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WeLink, new Internet Service Provider in Yangon

WeLink Myanmar GT Broadband FTTH

A few days ago, one of our fellow readers spotted a new Internet Service Provider in town: WeLink.

Myanmar GT Broadband Co.,Ltd aka WeLink is a new Internet Service Provider only available -as of today- in Mayangone Township in Yangon.

Mayangone Myanmar GT WeLink Yangon FTTH FTTB
WeLink FTTH Service Coverage


The ISP has a very discrete social presence with less than 300 likes so far. It does even not run a website.

On December 15th, WeLink opened its first showroom at Myanmar Plaza.

From a technology perspective, WeLink operates a fiber network (FTTH / FTTB) which can connect both individual houses and condos.

10-20% cheaper than competition

The price list is slightly cheaper than the other fiber providers. For example, 1Mbps with WeLink will cost you 69,000 MMK versus 80,000 MMK with Fortune Broadband. You will have to add up to your bill the traditional non-sense: 50,000 MMK annual fee.

Myanmar GT Broadband WeLink Myanmar Yangon Fiber FTTH FTTB
WeLink Pricelist

Installation fees are fixed at 200,000 MMK and include a WiFi router. Once again, this is quite affordable compared to the other fiber providers. Fortune Broadband usually charges 500,000 MMK for fiber installation but just launched a Christmas promotion with installations charges reduced at 300,000 MMK with a 1 year contract and 200,000 MMK with a 2 year contract.

Myanmar GT Broadband cannot guarantee any timeline for installation, it will mainly depend on the location.

Ready for service…

On a side note, we have not found any track of a public AS or public IP range for Myanmar GT Broadband. This means that the ISP is whether not alive yet or sourcing Internet from a partner which takes care of the IP transit for them. According to its customer service, WeLink sources Internet from Ooredoo and MPT. There is a good chance that WeLink relies on Golden TMH Telecom infrastructure which peers with MPT and Ooredoo according to Hurricane Electric.

Also note that WeLInk has an ongoing promotion only available for the first 100 customers. Installation fees are reduced of 50% and bandwidth will be doubled during 6 months.

Finally, payment terms are purely prepaid and Myanmar GT Broadband offers door to door payment collection.

8 thoughts on “WeLink, new Internet Service Provider in Yangon”

  1. သာေကတ စက္မွဳဇံုမွာ ရံုးသံုးအင္တာနက္တပ္ဆင္လိုပါသည္

  2. လမ္းမေတာ္ မွာ ရံုးသံုးအင္တာနက္ တပ္ဆင္လိုပါတယ္ အေၾကာင္းျပန္ေပးပါ

  3. ကြိုးပြတ်တာ လို့ပြောပီး အသုံးပြု၍မရတာ ယနေ့ဆို ၆ ရက် ရှိသွားပါပီခင်ဗျာ
    Service က ဖုန်းဆက်လိုက် လာမယ်ပြောပီး မလာပါခင်ဗျာ
    Call center မှလည်း တစ်ခါတစ်မှ ဖုန်း ဝင်ပီး ID နံပါတ် တောင်းပီး ဘာမှ မထူးခြားတာ ယနေ့ဆို ၆ ရက်မြောက်ပါပီ ခင်ဗျာ
    ဘယ်လောက် အချိန်အတိုင်းအတာ အထိ စောင့်ဆိုင်းပေးရမှာပါလည်း ခင်ဗျာ
    ဌာန တစ်ခုနှင့်တစ်ခု ချိတ်ဆက်မှူများ အားနည်း၍လော?
    ဝန်ထမ်း အင်အား မလောက်ငှ၍လား?
    ပပြန်သုံး၍ ရမည့် ရက်ကို ဘယ်လိုမှတ်ယူရပါမလည်း ခင်ဗျာ

  4. The service is very poor. we have paid the fee for 6 months but stopped the net work after only 2 months. it is said that we only paid the fee for 2months ,
    how long do u have to wait? failure to connect departments with on another?
    do you have enough staff? how do i calculate a renewal date?

  5. This is covid19 period and we are to participate “stay at home” program. So, internet line is essential for us especially for this time. Welink internet line has been disorder for 2 days. We have already phoned up,the staff said the servicemen will come. When will they come? This is the second time. The same experience we had a week ago or about ten days ago. That time we have to wait the servicemen for 3 consecutive days. I have phoned up a while ago. A staff answered my call and said that the service department will call me back shortly, but it is a lie. I received no call at all. We believe welink internet service business may value and respect its customers We appreciate your prompt action or speedy service render to customers. Thank you. Our number is 09 420030782. Our address is 40/443 corner of Sein Cher Myint Street and Daw Thein Tin Street. Next to B.E.H.S. no.5 North Dagon. North Dagon Township, Yangon.

  6. ဟိန်းကျော်သူ

    ရွှေန့ံသာ ၂၉ လမ်း လိုင်ူလုံးဝမကောင်းပါ ၃၅ မတ်ကို စုတ်ပြတ်သတ်နေတာပဲ

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