How to watch Netflix in Myanmar?

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In January 2016, Netflix launched its services globally bringing its TV services in 130 countries. Myanmar is one of them and you can enjoy the US company streaming services from Myanmar since then.

This is obviously great news but:

  • To subscribe to Netflix, you would need an international credit card which is still an issue for lot of Myanmar people
  • Due to complex distribution rights, there is a significant inequality between countries. According to the unofficial online Global Search (uNoGS), you can enjoy more than 5,300 different contents in Netflix US, the Myanmar version is limited to 1,572 contents only.
  • A reliable and powerful broadband connection is needed to stream Netflix. Please find below the minimum requirements according to the help center.

How to watch Netflix in Myanmar?

As we can see, there is a long way before Myanmar customers can enjoy Netflix in Ultra HD Quality.

On a side note, Malaysian streaming service iflix, a competitor of the American streaming company, is said to be soon available in Myanmar.

If you are interested to get access to much more content on Netflix, you can simply use a VPN and subscribe to Netflix from the US.

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