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VIDEO – Yangon Like You have never seen before

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As the COVID-19 epidemic spread all over the world, people are being told to stay home.

With the absence of daily commute, the impact on the pollution level is immense.

All over the world, nature regains its rights at an amazing pace. Improbable footage capture wild animals exploring cities deserted by humans.

One aerial footage of Yangon has hit the social networks over the past few days.

The 4-minute film is an amazing immersion into the deserted capital of Myanmar. If you have ever visited Yangon, if you live in the city capital, you will be stirred by the short movie.

This is Yangon like you have never seen before, a true moment of peace and silence, so relaxing but also a bit worrying, like a post-apocalyptic vision of this bustling city.

If you were hesitating to visit the place one day, hopefully, this will make up your mind: Yangon is amazing!

Credit: Beyond The Destinations

Beyond The Destinations is a Travel channel where you can watch the breathtaking places from all over Myanmar Golden Country.

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