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Social Media Marketing Benchmark: Mobile Operators in Myanmar

Social Media Marketing Benchmark: Mobile Operators Myanmar MPT Ooredoo Telenor
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In the last post, we compared the Internet service provider social presence. It is time for the mobile operators to join the battlefield.

Obviously, they are not competing in the same league. Mobile operators invest a significant part of their heavy budget into marketing activities including social media.

Before getting into the benchmark, it is quite important to understand Facebook main KPIs:

Page Performance Index (PPI) is a combination of engagement and growth. It combines both figures to provide an estimate value for a pages success and is based on the average growth and engagement values of all pages in our index.
Growth rate does not compare the number of fans at the beginning and the end of a period, but answers the question “How much had the page to grow in a week on average to get from value A to value B?”.
Engagement shows how often a fan interacts with the posts of a page. No matter if it is negative or positive.

Social Media Marketing Benchmark Mobile Operators in Myanmar Ooredoo Telenor MPT

Social Media Marketing Benchmark: Mobile Operators in Myanmar

Telenor Myanmar is leading the competition in term of fans, followed closely by MPT. Ooredoo Myanmar is lagging behind but top scoring on performance index thanks to a strong weekly growth and a better engagement than the competitors. This is clearly a sign that Ooredoo is working hard to gain momentum and to catch up with its competitors. Lets see in a couple of months if this strategy pays off.

Analysis thanks to fanpage karma

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