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Social Media Marketing Benchmark: Internet Service Providers in Myanmar

Social Media Marketing Benchmark Internet Service Providers Myanmar Facebook

In this post, we will have a close look at the social network activity of the different Internet service providers in Myanmar, Facebook in particular.

Before digging in the benchmark, it is quite important to understand Facebook main KPIs:

Page Performance Index (PPI) is a combination of engagement and growth. It combines both figures to provide an estimate value for a pages success and is based on the average growth and engagement values of all pages in our index.
Growth rate does not compare the number of fans at the beginning and the end of a period, but answers the question “How much had the page to grow in a week on average to get from value A to value B?”.
Engagement shows how often a fan interacts with the posts of a page. No matter if it is negative or positive.

We compared the Facebook pages of ten Internet Service Providers:

Social Media Benchmark Internet Service Providers in Myanmar

Social Media Benchmark Internet Service Providers in Myanmar

As we can see clearly, most of the ISPs in Myanmar are sadly weak in term of marketing and specifically social media marketing. True Net cannot make it to 10,000 fans, Kinetic is completely inactive. Even AGB which cover a large spectrum of services (not only Internet but IT as well) is showing a very low number of fans and no sign of growth. The situation is quite dramatic.
Social media presence is strategic to drive brand awareness and get the necessary pull effect to generate more leads. Especially in a country where Internet = Facebook for lot of people.
Redlink has the highest number of fans but a low performance index due to a deplorable absence of activity on the page.

MyanmarNet, Netcore and Bluewave Broadband are the top performers on social media. MyanmarNet leading the pack by far thanks to its mass market strategy. Netcore and Bluewave, both outsiders but very aggressively investing in social marketing to catch up on Myanmarnet.

In the next post, we will compare the social media activity of the mobile network operators in Myanmar.

Analysis thanks to fanpage karma

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