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Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar – January 2017 **UPDATED**

Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar – October 2016
2017 is already there and it is high time to refresh our Internet price benchmark for residential broadband in Myanmar.
In our last article, we had ten ISPs on our bench. WeLink joins our comparison table this time and we have now eleven ISPs to benchmark.
A quick reminder that volume-based Internet plans are not included in this benchmark and will be reviewed separately.

The Internet service providers participating to this price benchmark are:

  • RedLink
  • Yatanarpon Teleport
  • Fortune Broadband
  • Elite
  • WeLink
  • MPT
  • True Net
  • Bluewave Networks
  • AGB
  • Netcore
  • MyanmarNet

Redlink, Yatanarpon, Fortune and Elite share the same Internet plans and have been grouped in one single column.

Note that Fortune currently has a promotion ongoing: installation fees are reduced to 300,000 and 200,000 MMK for any customer signing up for respectively 1 and 2 years.

Some of the ISP’s in the list also charge annual fee. To ease the comparison, the annual fee has been laid over 12 months and added up to the monthly recurring cost.

residential internet plans Myanmar ftth fttx wifi

Residential Unlimited Internet Plans – January 2017 **UPDATED**

Status Quo on the prices

No big change have been observed since October 2016. Most of the Internet providers stick to the same priceplan with minor update mainly related to the exchange rate fluctuation.

UPDATE: NetCore released new broadband plans

MyanmarNet is once again the cheapest Internet provider in Myanmar and the only one that updated its prices over the past months with a slight drop of 5-10% on the monthly fee.

residential internet plans Myanmar ftth fttx wifi

Average Price per Mbps – January 2017 **UPDATED**

FTTH still out of reach for Myanmar customers

Fiber broadband plans in Myanmar are still very expensive overall. We wrote lately about the newest addition to this benchmark: WeLink which is slightly lower than competition but not really bring anything new to the table.
On Wifi technology, Bluewave, AGB and Netcore offer very similar price, Bluewave providing the lowest setup fee would be more likely the preferred choice.

In conclusion, this new price comparison for residential services is quite a disappointment.

In October 2016, exciting news shaked the market. First, Telenor announced its FTTH pilot with agressive prices. Then, the LTE spectrum bid reached unbelievable level and was awarded to a bunch of companies that should launch their services later in 2017.

It seems that the existing ISP’s have been cool down by these announcements and are now in an expectation mode. FTTH and LTE will be the key access technologies for residential broadband in the near future and the recent announcements certainly bring most of them to reconsider their current strategy and seek consolidation.

It goes without saying that 11 active players in a market where broadband penetration is lower than 1% does not really make sense. We foresee this number to reduce or at least stay steady in 2017 despite the growing number of licenses.

It is more likely that Internet providers that managed to secure strategic assets will become market leaders and the others will seek partnerships with them to continue to operate under a VNO business model.

NB: This information was collected from non-official (social networks, word to mouth) and official sources (official communication channels and mistery shopper). May some of the above information be false or incomplete, we encourage every service provider to contact us. Our objective is not to promote one Internet Service Provider against the others but to provide the most accurate and extensive source of information on the Internet market in Myanmar.

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