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Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar – April 2017

Residential Broadband Myanmar Yangon Unlimited Internet Packages Apr17

First quarter is now gone and it is high time to update our comparator for residential home Internet. We are happy to provide our visitors the latest update on the broadband market in Myanmar.

A lot of news this quarter with the close of business of two ISPs. First of all, Redlink has ceased activity end of March after 9 years of services. A bit earlier, Bluewave Networks informed its customers that it won’t be able to service them as well. Two ISPs at the antipodes, two different stories but the same sad end. With a market crowded with licensees, this is just the beginning of a long list of companies that may soon rest in peace.

This quarter also marked the birth of a new ISP: 5BB broadband. As mentioned in a recent post, this new ISP is a rebirth of RedLink, a desperate attempt to wipe the ISP bad reputation. Unfortunately, bad reputation is a sticky thing and the new ISP is already facing a wave of complains over the social networks due to service activation delays.

5BB Broadband Facebook review ISP Myanmar Internet 5BB Broadband Facebook review ISP Myanmar Internet 5BB Broadband Facebook review ISP Myanmar Internet 5BB Broadband Facebook review ISP Myanmar Internet

On a positive note, MyanmarNet continues to reduce its prices and reinforce its image of the most competitive Internet on the market. Despite a raising popularity, the ISP is facing technical challenges with its wireless network.

Enough small talks, let’s jump to the price table:

Residential Unlimited Internet Packages April 17

Residential Unlimited Internet Packages April 17

Despite the growing number of licensees in Myanmar, the broadband landscape remains sadly unattractive.

None of the existing players seem ambitious enough to tap into the huge customer base relying on mobile internet for broadband.

With the emergence of localized OTTs (Netflix, Iflix, Pyone Play among them) and the increasing conversion from smartphone to laptop (+71% growth according to a recent study), the need for fixed broadband is definitely there.

Yatanarpon Teleport and Amara spent millions on 4G licenses but are still expected to launch services at that stage.

The other option may come from the mobile players itself which could decide to invest massively in fixed broadband to retain customers and increase ARPU with quad play services.


4 thoughts on “Residential Unlimited Internet Plans in Myanmar – April 2017”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the helpful article. On the website of Telenor and Ooredoo, I saw that they also provide Broadband service, but the 2 ISPs are not mentioned here. I just want to know why. Are their services not good enough? Or their price are too high?

    1. Dear Phuong Vu,

      Thank you for your comment.

      To our knowledge, Ooredoo does not offer residential Internet services. They do provide Internet services for B2B customers.

      As for Telenor, the mobile operator has launched a FTTH trial in Yangon. It is still unclear when and where they are going to extend it. Their offer look extremely competitive.

      Best regards,

  2. HI, I find your article very useful. Would much appreciate if you can recommend which ISP for residential internet package covering the area of Bahan township (University Avenue Road).

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