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5 Reasons to Use a Password Manager

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Guest Post courtesy of #TurnOnVPN

#TurnOnVPN is a cybersecurity advocacy group focusing on a free and unimpeded internet for all. We take part in numerous online events, aimed at promoting a safe, secure, and censor-free Internet.

Most people have more online accounts than we can remember. Often, you have to create a new account for each online service unless you connect everything via your Facebook or Google account. Since there are too many passwords to remember, most people just end up using very easy passwords or recycling the same password for all accounts.

The problem with reusing passwords or using very simple passwords is that it makes it easy for hackers to gain access to your online accounts. So how are you supposed to use complex passwords on the online services that you use? A password manager is a solution. It’s an app that’s specifically designed to store your login credentials in an encrypted vault and helps you create strong, unique passwords. Here are five reasons to use a password manager.


Password managers encourage users to practice good cybersecurity hygiene. With a password manager, you can have every password long, complex, and unique. Strong passwords make it very hard for hackers to break your password using brute force.


A password manager remembers all your usernames and passwords for you. It allows you to create strong, complex passwords for all the websites that you use without having to memorize every one of them. All you need to remember is a single master password.


According to security experts, using a password manager is safe, far safer than not using one. Password managers use what is known as the Zero-Knowledge security model, which means that even though the security manager app knows your password, the company that makes the application doesn’t.

Fast Access

A password manager allows fast access to online services and other resources. You only need to type a single password and the access point will be automatically populated with your login credentials. This will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend fumbling with login screens and password recovery.

Access Your Passwords Anywhere, Anytime

There are several types of password managers to consider, but the cloud-based options are the most popular. The advantage of using a cloud-based password manager is that it gives you access to your passwords from anywhere. Most password managers have a smartphone app, which means you can sync your passwords across multiple devices.

Additional Security Tools

Using a password manager is one of the best ways to protect your data. But when it comes to cybersecurity, no solution is perfectly safe all the time. That’s why you need to consider additional tools to beef up security. For instance, consider downloading a VPN to hide your digital footprint as well as antivirus and firewall for malware protection.

Your password is the first line of defence against data breaches and cyberattacks. But a lot of people don’t put too much effort into creating strong, unique passwords, and for a good reason. There are just too many passwords to remember. That’s why you need a password manager to help you create and store complex passwords as well as login to your online services without much hustle.

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