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Which Public DNS Servers are the fastest in Myanmar?

DNS fastest Myanmar

DNS, or domain name system, is the internet protocol that converts human-readable website names (such as into machine readable numeric addresses also called IP addresses.

Whenever you type a URL in your web browser, whenever you open your favorite mobile app, it triggers dozens of DNS queries that need to be resolved before you start receiving data from the webserver.

Switching from your ISP’s offering to a custom DNS server can be highly beneficial to your Internet speed and security.


If you ever wonder which DNS server is the fastest in Myanmar, there is a good tool to run a quick benchmark. It is called DNS Jumper. DNS Jumper runs on Windows, it is lightweight and portable.

If you are using MacOS, you can use Namebench, this tool does basically the same thing. The results may vary depending on your internet service provider so try it out and adjust your DNS servers accordingly.

In Myanmar, CloudFlare DNS (, is one of the best choices. CloudFlare DNS servers are also good for your privacy, the company claims not to resell your data to advertisers which is not the case of all the public DNS servers.

How to change my DNS servers?

Now that you have found which DNS servers are the fastest in Myanmar, here is how to change your DNS servers on your computer or your smartphone.

How to change my DNS servers in Windows 10

How to change my DNS servers in MaC OS

How to change my DNS servers in Ubuntu

How to change my DNS servers on Android

How to change my DNS servers on iPhone or iPad


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