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Guest Post: PeerApp & Fortune Success Story

Fortune Broadband Myanmar

PeerApp provides Optimized Video Content Delivery services to network operators and providers. We have been recently contacted by Ko Win Htet Han, consultant at PeerApp that wishes to share PeerApp & Fortune success story in Myanmar.



Internet Service Provider, Fortune, came into the world in 2010. Offering high-speed broadband internet services to customers in Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar, the company specializes in bringing fiber to the home and business.
Fortune is one of four PeerApp customers in the country (Myanmar).

Rapid Uptake in Data Consumption

Just like everywhere else in the world, citizens of Myanmar are consuming vast amounts of digital data mainly in the forms of movies, videos, game downloads, peer-to-peer apps, and livesports and other events. The use of fiber has really boosted internet use, but, as fast and capacious as Fortune’s fiber delivery might be, the customers continue to demand more: more bandwidth, more speed and near-perfect quality of experience at every moment.

Improving Quality of Experience with PeerApp

With thousands of bursty, end-to-end data streams flowing through the network at any moment, ISPs can suffer from buffering, stalls and sub-optimal video quality. To solve these challenges, ISPs turn to PeerApp content delivery solutions that minimize end-to-end traffic in favor of local delivery of content close to consumers.
PeerApp’s PACache supercharges any network, increasing content delivery speeds and enabling operators to provide a haven of digital continuity to their subscribers. The solution’s unique caching engine is organized around content classes, rather than the more tradition focus on specific services, sites or URLs. This logic enables PACache to automatically cache a wide range of content types, smooth for Fortune and its subscribers. Transparent PACache does not interfere with the business logic of any Internet application or service. It works seamlessly, making sure that cache content is always up to date, while subscribers and content servers don’t even know it’s there.
For maximum security, PACache does not expose public IP addresses to subscribers, HTTP services, peer-to-peer networks or third parties.
With PACache, Fortune’s subscribers enjoy smooth digital delivery while the ISP enjoys reduce congestion across the network even at peak usage times. Fortune notices a substantial improvement in bandwidth usage when highly popular games and other app are downloaded in significant numbers.
According to Fortune, QoE has improved 15% since deployment of PACache. When customer request hit counts reach a maximum, the ISP experiences better uplink bandwidth than during a normal period!

Consumer-Oriented Marketing

Today, wise ISPs and other network operators collect usage statistics to enable them to maximize the quality of experience for each individual subscriber. PACache is especially advantageous in this regard. With PACache management system, Fortune can know the traffic behavior of subscribers, for example, how they access their destinations and behaviors of traffic protocol of subscribers . PACache also furnishes useful statistics that enable Fortune to accurate assess and predict network usage, peak times, and much more.

A big thank you to Ko Win Htet Han and PeerApp team for sharing these details with our fellow readers!

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