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Ooredoo launches exclusive iflix bundles

Iflix Ooredoo data packs internet myanmar yangon 3g 4g lte

Ooredoo has just launched a serie of promotions and bundles that build up its partnership with the video-on-demand service iflix.

Iflix launched services in Myanmar early 2017 and has seen a steady growth of popularity thanks to an aggressive digital marketing campaign.

Iflix enables Myanmar customers to enjoy a large catalog of movies, tv shows and cartoons for as low as 3000 ks per month. The customers can pay for the service using Visa or Master credit / debit card and Red Dot.

Ooredoo and iflix just released traversal promotions and bundles to drive their respective sales.

Iflix Ooredoo data packs internet myanmar yangon 3g 4g lte
Ooredoo iflix only video packs

The first promotion is available for any iflix customer using Ooredoo mobile data. For every 18,000Ks spent on Iflix platform (6 months service value), customer receive a free 1GB data bundle every month during 6 months.

Ooredoo also launched a portfolio of Iflix-only video packs to activate or give away (gift packs).

iflix Ooredoo data packs internet myanmar yangon 3g 4g lte
Ooredoo iflix gift packs

Telenor video packs vs Ooredoo video packs

These new packs come in direct competition with Telenor video packs launched earlier this year.

Pricewise, Ooredoo video packs are slightly cheaper: 3GB for 2,999ks with Telenor vs. 4Gb for 2,999Ks with Ooredoo. Value-wise, it will mainly depend on the customer favorite addictions:

On one hand, Telenor offers buckets of data to watch Youtube and Pyone Play. Pyone Play gives access to live streaming and catch-up TV from the popular MRTV4 and Channel7 channels. These contents will certainly please a more traditional audience.

In the other hand, Ooredoo via iflix will grant its customers access to a large catalog of local and international contents. The local catalog being -for the time being- limited.

2 thoughts on “Ooredoo launches exclusive iflix bundles”

  1. Even MPT is also offering Combo Packs with bundle Pyone Play and Youtube quota. I thought this is also an exciting offering considering the fact the youtube would be appealing to the youngsters, pyone play the traditionalists.
    What are your views/opinions on this ?

  2. Dear Vijay, that is an excellent question and probably the subject of a new article to be released very soon.

    To speak frankly, even if the Combo Packs look attractive on paper, they are not that cost effective compared to MPT colorful packs. For instance the 10GB Colorful pack is cheaper than the 10GB Combo Pack if we look at the price per GB. That sounds really strange to us.

    Saying that, we encourage the providers to bring more OTT players onboard with their video packs. For now the offer looks really limited. But we do understand that these agreements take time and hopefully the video portfolio will expand rapidly across the mobile operators.

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