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Ooredoo Myanmar launches Facebook packs

Iflix Ooredoo Internet Myanmar

Shortly after the launch of Telenor data Suboo Packs, Ooredoo has released a serie of new Internet packages and promotions. The Qatar based operator is clearly decided to not let competition gain any momentum when it comes to mobile data.

In our article about Data Suboo, we mentioned that the data pricing equation will pivot around 1Ks per MB: above 1Ks for all-in data packs and slightly below or equal 1Ks/MB for social and video packs.

Ooredoo launches Facebook Plus Packs

The new press release definitely confirms that trend. Ooredoo has completed its data portfolio with social packs in line with competition. The pricing is at 1Ks per MB and the packages very similar to Telenor and MPT offers.

Ooredoo is still trying to offer slightly more than competition. Instead of cutting down the price, the Qatar based operator extends the validity to 2 days for the shorter package against 24H for Telenor and MPT.

Social Facebook Viber MPT Telenor Ooredoo Internet Mobile Data

Social Packs in Myanmar

It is important to mention that Ooredoo social packs includes complete access to Facebook, Viber and BeeTalk. As for Telenor, the offer is limited to Facebook only whereas MPT has the most attractive content portfolio with Facebook, LINE, and Viber, as well as games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Ooredoo Paung Kuu gets a boost

Jointly to the launch of its social packs, Ooredoo announces the release of a new Paung Kuu monthly pack which is said to be the cheapest in the market. The package includes 350 MB of data for 699Ks only. Ooredoo also beefed up the Paung Kuu 2GB and 3.5GB with 50% cashback on the activation, cashback valid for 3 days.

Mobile operators are slowly completing their portfolio to match with competition. The offer design remains very similar and consistent across the three players. Result of this status quo, customer’s final decision will be made mainly on mobile network performance and reliability.


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