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MTC published the list of qualified bidders for 2600Mhz (4G) spectrum

MTC published the list of qualified bidder for LTE spectrum
On Sept 28th, Myanmar Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has released the list of qualified bidders for the 2600Mhz frequency band auction. This frequency will enable auction winners to launch LTE / 4G services in Myanmar.
Note that none of the mobile operators (Ooredoo, MPT and Telenor) have been qualified for this auction.
The total 4G spectrum available is 40mhz divided in two spans of 20mhz in 3 regions. In addition, each bidder will be able to win up to two regional licenses allowing for three to six regional licensees in total.
The auction winners will be announced on Oct 20th 2016.
In conclusion, this spectrum release will considerably change the Internet market in Myanmar. TDD LTE is the technology of choice for residential broadband. High speed, low latency and mobility are the main advantages of TDD LTE.
Amara Communications Co., Ltd
Bagan ISP Co., Ltd
Fortune International Co., Ltd
Global Technology Co.,Ltd
Kinetic Myanmar Technology Co.,Ltd.
Myanmar Network Co., Ltd.
Myanmar Technology Gateway Co., Ltd
Y Net Public Co.,Ltd
C. Public Ytnrpon teleport, Ltd

Source: MTC Official Website

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