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MPT won Myanmar’s Speedtest Awards Q1-Q2 2017

MPT Award LTE Speed Myanmar Yangon

A few days ago, MPT was awarded Myanmar’s Speedtest Winner for mobile network speed for Q1-Q2 2017.

The award was given by the popular website This online bandwidth test developed by the company Ookla is the most popular in the world. Myanmar speed results are based on 220,000 tests nationwide over the first two quarters of the year.

MPT won the award with a score of 11.45 slightly ahead of Telenor with 10.51. Ooredoo lagged behind with a score of only 6.23.

MPT Award 4G LTE Speed Test Bandwidth Speedtest

A little bit of history…

Back in April 2017, Myanmar Post and Telecommunications Department (PTD) allocated the three mobile operators an additional chunk of spectrum enabling them to enhance their 4G network. Even though the three operators launched their 4G network in 2016, the performance was sub-optimal due to the lack of spectrum available. With this new allocation of 2x10mhz in 1800Mhz, mobile operators were finally capable to provide real 4G experience to their customers.

MPT Award 4G LTE Speed Test Bandwidth Speedtest

Ookla speed report clearly show that the additional spectrum had a huge impact on mobile speed in Myanmar, download speed jumping from 7mbps back in April 2017 to 12 mbps in June 2017.

Winner of this benchmark, MPT ends up slightly over Telenor and way above Ooredoo.

But what does this Speed Score consist on?

The Speed Score incorporates a measure of each provider’s download and upload speed to rank network speed performance. (90% of the final Speed Score is attributed to download speed and the remaining 10% to upload speed).

Results come with no surprise and reflect the overall feedback from the social networks. MPT 4G speed tests are flourishing all over Facebook at impressive speed.

မံုရြာ MPT 4G speedtest

Posted by Ko Wai Lwin Aung on Sunday, 20 August 2017

ေလဆိပ္ဧရိယာက MPT 4G mobile data speed

Posted by Rose Aung on Friday, 28 July 2017

MPT LTE speed test

Posted by Nyan Myint Aung on Thursday, 1 June 2017


Note that MPT is the only 4G mobile operator in Myanmar to advertise LTE 4×4 MIMO.

This technology can deliver up to 200mbps on 10mhz span. Obviously, this incredible speed can only be achieved in ideal conditions. Plus, 4×4 MIMO compatible handsets are still scarce in the market. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 does support 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM and would be a good buy for those who would like to get the most out of MPT 4G network.

On a side note, MPT recently released a new set of data packages that are replacing the colorful monthly data packs. The new plans named Data Carry allow customer to rollover data not consumed to the next month.

Data Carry 4G Plan PAck MPT Myanmar Yangon

Pricewise, MPT Carry packs are aligned with Telenor and Ooredoo. The 350MB and 2GB packages for instance match exactly Ooredoo Paung Kuu plans.

It seems more likely that data prices will stabilize around a blended price of 1.4Ks/MB. A new price drop is to be expected after the launch of the 4th mobile operator. Viettel being well known for going extremely agressive on price.

Read the Speedtest Award Report for Myanmar


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