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Mobile Data: calm before the storm

Ooredoo 4G LitePwel Data Myanmar Yangon Mobile

As we wrote a few weeks ago, a 4th mobile operator is about to launch in Myanmar: Mytel.

Calm before the storm, Telenor and MPT ended their respective data promotions and shut themselves away as Thingyan this year promise to be wet.

Ooredoo Data LitePwel

Ooredoo in the other hand launched end of February a new range of data packages called Data LitePwel. The new data packs last 30 days and are divided into a main allowance that carry over month on month and a bonus allowance that does not carry over.

Ooredoo 4G LitePwel Data Myanmar Yangon

Ooredoo Data LitePwel

But there is a twist

As the main wallet does carry over month on month, the bonus wallet does not. Ooredoo gives the illusion of offering more data but protects its margin with a trick.

Thanks to the bonus, Ooredoo pricing is unbeatable. No matter how hard you play with the price table, Ooredoo is the cheapest at every level.

Ooredoo 4G LitePwel Data Myanmar Yangon Mobile Suboo Telenor MPT 3G

Mobile Data Packs in Myanmar Sorted by Price

As MPT and Telenor decided to keep low profile waiting for Mytel to enter the market, Ooredoo took advantage of this short truce to put itself on the front of the mobile data scene.

It goes without a doubt that Data LitePwel combined with the recent network upgrade will have a significant impact on the mobile operator revenue. Enough to face Mytel with no fear? Wait and see…

Meanwhile at MyTel headquarters…

Ooredoo 4G LitePwel Data Myanmar Yangon Mobile Suboo Telenor MPT 3G

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