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Joox, Myanmar #1 music streaming service

Joox Logo Music

Joox, a music streaming service owned by Chinese multinational conglomerate Tencent, was launched in 2015 and accumulated over 100 million downloads on the Play Store. The service has a music library of 30 million tracks.

Joox is available in Hong Kong – China, Macao – China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar. The streaming service also established a presence in South Africa, the brand’s first non-Asian market.

Available as an app available on mobile and desktop, the streaming platform is a ‘freemium’ service with a library of free and premium songs. Joox strength is localization. As such, it offers a wide range of songs in local language, apart from English songs.

If you don’t mind the ads, the platform allows you to stream music for free. The free music service come with splash ads, banner ads, campaign-style ads as well as audio ads.

Users that decide to go for a paid subscription can listen to the songs ad-free, skip songs, and can make playlists available offline. The premium features are pretty similar to Spotify.

Joox music service has a significant market share in Asia, accounting for more than 50% of all streaming app downloads in its respective Asian markets.

Joox is the market leader in Asia. Based on a market research from Ipsos back in March 2018, Tencent’s platform is  the most downloaded music streaming app across Google Play and Apple iOS App Store in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. See “Targeting Millenials Using Music Streaming Apps

Joox subscribers can also use the app for karaoke, watch live performance, share their favorite playlist with their friends, record and upload music videos, send gifts and engage with their idols. In 2019, more than 10M karaoke songs were performed across the five Asian markets.

Joox Karaoke Yangon Myanmar
Joox Karaoke Contest in Yangon

Over the past few months, the karaoke feature on Joox music streaming app has recorded a 50% surge in users, according to Tencent, principal driver is the coronavirus epidemic that transforms the way people consume music and entertainment, and the way they pay for it.

Joox users mainly come from the millennial generation (between 24 to 39yo), as well as Generation Z (24yo and below). According to the streaming platform’s user analytics and insights, over 80% of music streaming users in South East Asian markets are under 35 years old.

Joox in Myanmar

Joox is leading Myanmar’s growth in music streaming services, well ahead of western contenders such as Spotify, Amazon Prime or Apple Music.

The music streaming service is leveraging the huge smartphone penetration in Myanmar to support his growth. The service popularity mainly relies on its large catalog of Myanmar and Asian songs.

In Myanmar, Tencent streaming service teams up with the two biggest mobile operators: MPT and Telenor. Both telecom providers offer carrier billing which enable their subscribers to use their top-up balance to subscribe to Joox VIP Service.

Joox MPT Promo

MPT offers 24 hour and 7 day music packs at respectively 129 Ks and 629 Ks. MPT subscribers can activate the Music Pack by dialing *8003#

As of Telenor, the telecom operator partnered with Joox in 2018. The current offer consists on a 500 MB Data pack with 30 days validity at Ks 2,299. The data pack includes the music platform VIP subscription.

Joox Telenor Shal Suboo Promo

Advantages of Joox VIP Access:

  • Access to the complete music library
  • Listen to your favorite songs offline
  • Hi-fi quality music
  • Play on demand, possibility to skip songs
  • Ad-free

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  1. Hey JOOX! I wanna upload my some music on JOOX. I have no way to do it. May you tell me What will be necessary things. How much per 1 months and anthings else?

  2. i want to know about joox est and then trying to know how much they pay for
    an art who selling songs to joox music
    per a song cause our myanmar agencies are cheating on artist.Not every artist doesn’t know or own the right amount of cash they sent as payment i only got ten dolla per song and then they take 15 or 20 percent on this and then they don’t solve every single artist regularly untill an artist contact them.This mean they’re cheating

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