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IPv6 Deployment Status in Myanmar

IPv6 in Myanmar
Over the past few years, Myanmar has seen a massive growth in Internet penetration mostly driven by mobile Internet.
Internet Penetration in Myanmar 2016

Internet Penetration in Myanmar 2016

Besides mobile Internet, Internet Service Providers are still struggling to provide good Internet services to customers. Massive amount of money are being invested in telecom infrastructure and this is just a matter of time before the country gets a solid and reliable platform for data services.
One of the key indicator that Myanmar is still in an early development stage in the telecom sector is the dramatic status of IPv6 in Myanmar.

You can make an educated guess by looking at international connectivity in Myanmar. As of today, only 3 telco players can connect to international Internet providers. Ooredoo, Telenor and MPT. All of them dedicating their effort on the mass market, they have no interest to work on non-profitable projects such as IPv6 integration.
With the International Gateway Law being drafted and soon released, we can expect new Internet players with hopefully ambition to develop IPv6 connectivity in Myanmar.

Among the advantages of IPv6, it is worth to mention :

  • key component for the development of M2M / IoT projects.
  • reduce CAPEX by eliminating the need for CG-NAT (Carrier-Grade NAT)
  • improve performance by 20% compared to IPv4

Some of the ISPs in Myanmar have already started testing IPv6. Among them, Yatanarpon Teleport, Redlink and Bluewave Broadband. All of them using 6to4 tunnel (an Internet transition mechanism for migrating from IPv4 to IPv6) to Hurricane Electric useful for testing purposes, not sustainable for production matters.

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