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Internet Volume Plans in Myanmar – October 2016

ISP Mobile Operator volume packages

EDIT: 29/10/2016 It looks like Ooredoo does not judge necessary to update its promotions on its corporate website. After a visit to Ooredoo shop, we realized it does have an ongoing promotion for Internet and the following post has been updated with this new information.

In this post, we are going to share what volume based Internet plans are available in the market and designate the most attractive package.

Both Internet Service Providers and Mobile Operators provide such quota packages (on Wifi and 3G/4G respectively).

Volume based Internet packages can be interesting for customers that have a low to moderate usage of Internet.

The main differences between the two offer designs is what happens when the quota is consumed. Mobile plans shift to on demand charging (price per MB) which could be quickly expensive for the customers. Internet providers once quota is expired usually reduce the bandwidth and offer customers the possibility to buy boosters to restore full speed.

ISP offer monthly postpaid Internet plans that come in two flavors:

  • Daily quota, a day to day volume that automatically reset on a daily basis. If you reach you quota before the end of the day, your speed is reduced till next day.
  • Monthly quota that you can consume as you wish. Once the volume is consumed, your speed is reduced till the end of the month and you have the possibility to purchase boosters from your provider.

What is the best flavor?

Both have pros and cons…

  • Daily quota can be convenient for families where you can’t really control the data consumption of computers and phones within the household. If one day, the consumption goes out of control, you know that full speed will be restored the next day. In the other hand, if you don’t use your quota one day, you completely lose it the next day.
  • Monthly quota is convenient for customers that have a good control over their usage or don’t bother to spend extra on boosters if they exceed their quota.

Now that we depict the different type of Internet quota based plans, lets see the plans available among the ISPs:

ISP Myanmar Volume Based Plans Redlink Bluewave TrueNet
ISP in Myanmar – Volume Based Plans

As we can see, True Net is by far the cheapest Internet plan but offers only daily quota. To explain that, we can assume that the average monthy usage on daily packages is lower than regular monthly plans. Lower usage means lower cost, reason why they can offer a cheaper package.

Bluewave Networks monthly volume Internet plans are quite cost-effective and boosters are available on demand for a fair price.

Redlink is completely out of the scope with prices from another time not even talking about their setup fees.

We have presented in a previous post the Internet plans of the different mobile operators.

The barrier to access is obviously much lower regarding the mobile operator as you just need to buy a SIM to enjoy Internet. If you want to get yourself a little bit more organized, you can also buy a MiFi router for 80,000MMK. A MiFi router is basically a small WiFi 3G router that allow you to share your data plan with multiple users. It does not have the same WiFi range than a regular WiFi router and will propagate the signal only within the same room. It is still a very handy solution to share a cellular connexion.

We are now going to compare ISP and Mobile Operator plans:

Average price GB service providers and mobile operators Myanmar True Net MPT Ooredoo Telenor Bluewave Redlink
Average Price per GB comparison with mobile operators

True Net remains the best deal as long as you are ok with the daily package flavor.

Then comes OoredooTelenor and Bluewave that basically share similar pricings. Customers that prefer a flat fee and no surprise will go with Bluewave. Customers that do not want to invest in a permanent solution will go with Telenor or Ooredoo.


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