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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

What is DIA?

DIA or Dedicated Internet Access is a continuous, high-bandwidth connectivity method for enterprises to connect their local area networks (or LANs) with the public Internet and streamline the performance of their wide area network (WAN).

To put it in simple, words, DIA means that your contracted bandwidth is exclusively yours. This means it will stay the same all the time, every time.

For a growing number of companies in Myanmar, the Internet connectivity has become critical to their operations.

It is becoming even more strategic as Myanmar businesses leverage on cloud services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Office 365.

Delays and interruptions in service may result in significant losses, thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

It is important that businesses that rely heavily on their Internet connection have a resilient provider that offers reliable and constant Internet bandwidth.

Dedicated Internet contracts shall always include an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that establishes the minimums levels of service guaranteed for items such as network availability.

In Myanmar, this is usually measured between 99% (two nines) and 99.9% (three nines).

Your DIA Internet connection is normally a symmetrical connection, which means that you will receive the same amount of bandwidth for both upload and download.

This contrasts with home Internet products which usually offer a higher download speed than upload.

When you contract a 100 Mbps DIA, you can expect to receive 100 Mbps Upload and Download.

This is very important for companies using cloud applications, remote working or VoIP technology for instance.

What can we do for you?

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