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If you are an Android user in Myanmar, you have probably faced multiple times this message:

This Item Isn’t Available in Your Country

How frustrating can it be?

In this post, we will explain step by step how to bypass this country limitation. It is actually very simple and straight forward.

First, we need to download a VPN software. We recommend NordVPN which is also available as a Chrome or Firefox extension for your laptop. We recommend NordVPN because it is fast, anonymous and user friendly.

This VPN software once activated will tunnel your traffic through an endpoint in a different country. Google will think you are located in this country and let you download the desired app.

The VPN can be enabled and disabled with a simple tap. You don’t have to enable it all the time. Just do it when you need to download an app not available in Myanmar. You can also use it to enjoy Spotify or Hulu in Myanmar for instance.

So download NordVPN from the website.

Then open it.

Next step is to erase your Play Store data and stop the service.

Settings > Apps> Google Play Store > Clear Data then Clear Cache and Stop.

Internet Myanmar Clear Cache on Play Store Item not available country
Clear Cache, Data and Stop Play Store

Come back to NordVPN

Choose the country you want to browse from (United States for instance)

VPN Myanmar Anonymous Surf Freedom

NordVPN will connect and all your requests to the Play Store will be tunneled through the US.

VPN Myanmar Anonymous Surf Freedom

You can now try to search for an app not available in Myanmar. Lets say Hulu for instance.

This is the result:

Internet Myanmar Item not available country Play Store Google Spotify Hulu
Voila ! You can access Hulu like in US

If you try the same search without the VPN, you will notice the first result will not be available.




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