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A visit to Bogyoke Market, Yangon

bogyoke aung san myanmar yangon

Bogyoke Market is one of the great markets in Yangon. It was regarded with an excellent reputation for shopping, taking amazing pictures, and even window shopping to grab the unforgettable memories there.

As soon as we hear the name Bogyoke Market, we can imagine the gorgeous market with the rare gems, beautiful incredible jewelry, and sumptuous handicraft. There are local products from different states in Myanmar. Most tourists promote the market as one of these places where we have the chance to capture the colonial architecture.

Overview of the Market and Brief History

The Bogyoke Market, old British name, Scott Market named after Mr. C. Scott, who was the Municipal Commissioner – also known as Bogyoke Aung San Market – which was given after the national hero of Myanmar, Bogyoke Aung San.

Bogyoke Market Yangon Myanmar

It was built in 1926 with incredible designs as one of the world’s famous markets. Not only the outside decorations of the market attract the tourists but also galleries, clothing stores, paintings with 1,641 stalls in the market persuade visitors to visit one more time.

Popular Shops in Bogyoke market

1. Money Exchanges

It is useful to know that you can find Money exchange shops all over the market. So if you find a souvenir but lacking local currency, just ask the shop where the nearest money changer is!

2. Scott Zay Spa & Massage Bogyoke Market

Scott Zay Spa & Massage Bogyoke Market is an excellent massage place within the market. The prices range from 8,000 kyats ($5) to 20,000 kyats ($13). They offer shampoo and hair treatment, body massage, and foot massage.

3. Yangood

Yangood is the collection of souvenirs, gifts, and hand-made products of Myanmar heritages with the famous brand of purses, wallets. Prominently, it is the first International Myanmar fashion brand. It is located at the entrance of the Bogyoke Market, so you cannot miss it.

4. Famous Jewelry Shop in Bogyoke Market

The market is very famous for its jewelry shops, you will find dozens of shops in the market, Billion Boss (Jade & Gems) is one of the best shops for the visitors to buy qualified jewelry at reasonable prices.

gems museum yangon bogyoke

5. Lacquerware Shop

The more we give time, the better lacquerwares we can get at affordable prices. So, Bagan Gift Centre Co.op Ltd is the shop with gorgeous, traditional lacquerwares for everyone.

bogyoke lackerware yangon travel tourist

Lacquerware are a perfect souvenir to bring back from Myanmar for your family and friends!

6. Academy Optical Center

Visitors from the West pay usually high price for a good pair of glasses. But are you aware that you can buy cheap quality glasses in Myanmar? Academy Optical Center is a great shop to order new glasses. They offer an outstanding number of frames and their lenses are top quality. If you forgot to bring your prescription, they also run a small eye exam center.

7. Juice stalls

After roaming around the various shops in the market, order a Burmese juice from the juice stalls at the east wing of the market. Several kinds of local fresh fruits are available to refresh visitors after a long walk.

Best Restaurants near Bogyoke Market 

1. Aung Mingalar restaurant (15-minute walk from Bogyoke Market)

Aung Mingalar is extremely popular among locals and ex-pat community in Yangon. The restaurant in Yaw Min Giy area has been serving Shan food for over 20 years. Enjoy an earthy bowl of Shan noodles as a salad or as a soup. The dumplings and fresh juices are also amazing.

aung mingalar shan noodles myanmar yangon

Shan Noodles from Aung Mingalar, Yangon

2. O’thentik Creperie restaurant (10-minute walk from Boyoke Market)

The small restaurant is situated on the left corner a few steps from the bridge that goes over the railway. This French restaurant serves traditional French pancakes (crepes). You can enjoy a lot of different feelings salty or sweet. They also serve breakfast if you want to stop there before the market

3. Xi Yang Yang (15 minutes walk from Bogyoke market)

Xi Yang Yang is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Yangon. It serves traditional Xiao long bao “small basket buns” which is a type of Chinese steamed bun from Jiangsu province. The steamed dumplings are a must-try at this restaurant. Fried rice with shrimps is also excellent.

4. Alex’s Gastro Bar restaurant (15 minutes walk from Bogyoke market)

Alex’s Gastro Bar restaurant is where we can get various kinds of foods, including the western and local dishes. The service is very good and the prices affordable.

alex gastro bar yangon bogyoke market tourism travel

Alex’s Gastro Bar, Yangon

Best Hotels Near Bogyoke Market

1. Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon (15-minute taxi ride)

Most customers prefer the hotel because the price is not that much expensive with better services. Besides, we can enjoy the Kandawgyi Lake to capture the pleasure moments there.

2. Hotel G (15-minute walk)

The hotel is very convenient with excellent cleanliness, service and facilities and better accommodation. It is very popular among tourists and businessmen. The western breakfast is excellent. The hotel is ideally situated in Yaw Min Gyi area 10mn walk from Bogyoke market.

3. Pan Pacific Yangon (5-minute walk)

This new hotel is located in the heart of Yangon near the Bogyoke Market. Then, the rooms are super clean with the different reviews of exceptional reputation. Due to those incredible services, the hotel is a little bit pricey, but it is worth spending definitely.

4. Sule Shangri-La Hotel (5-minute walk)

Sule Shangri-La Hotel is the opposite of the Bogyoke Market. It has an excellent reputation. Even though it costs a bit more than other hotels, it is worth enjoying in the hotel with incredible decorations.

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